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JAMfest Europe Cheer and Dance
Don't miss out on the best event in Europe!! JAMfest Europe – an AMAZING and EXCITING premiere event that featured nearly 250 performances in 2013. Echo Arena is the best competition venue in Europe! We provide great stadium seating, awesome performance arena and convenient practice area. Located in the heart of downtown Liverpool, Echo Arena is literally steps from restaurants, shops and hotels. Liverpool is the best competition city with easy access from Manchester airport.

Win a trip JAMfest Cheer or Dance Super Nationals. Teams will be able to win free registration bids. Cheer Super Nationals has over 550 teams compete and Dance Super Nationals is the largest all-star dance competition in the U.S. As well, one team will win an invitation to The MAJORS.

JAMfest is known for FUN, ENTERTAINING and SPIRITED events. For over nineteen years, JAMfest has been a top event producer in the U.S. and continues to grow in Europe. JAMfest More Than A Competition.… It's An Experience!
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