Northern JAM

March 2-3, 2019

Winter Gardens
97 Church St Blackpool, INTL FY1 1HL

Event Description

Don't miss out on this great regional event. The Northern JAM is an incredible chance to compete in a very unique venue. JAMfest will provide you with best competition experience at a great cost. Compete in Blackpool and receive a discount for JAMfest Europe! Don't miss out on the JAMfest Experience!! JAMfest is known for FUN, ENTERTAINING and SPIRITED events. For over nineteen years, JAMfest has been a top event producer in the U.S. and continues to grow in Europe. JAMfest More Than A Competition... It's An Experience!

First Place Tie- Breaker Policy

Ties will not be broken at any event for any placement. However, there will be two exceptions to this rule:

Ties will be broken for a final U.S. Finals or Worlds bid (regardless of placement)
After awarding first place, ties will be broken at The U.S. Finals for co-champion teams so that only one team moves on in The Champions Challenge

Ties will be broken in the following manner:

Step 1. The team with the least amount of deductions will win the bid.
Step 2. The team with the highest combined execution scores will win the bid.
Step 3. The team with the highest performance score will win bid.
Step 4. If all steps above do not break the tie, the winner will be declared by judges' choice.
For The Summit bids, all ties will be broken according to the official Summit bid tie-breaker policy.

Contact Us

Bradley Abston
Event Director
Jessica Lomba


On-Time Price
Until February 3, 2019
On-Time Crossover
Until February 3, 2019
Late Price
Late Crossover
Adult 2-Day Ticket
Ages 13 & up
Adult 1-Day Ticket
Ages 13 & up
Child 1-Day Ticket
Ages 5-12
Child 2-Day Ticket
Ages 5-12
Northern JAM No Back Drop
Northern JAM No Back Drop


  Summit Qualifier